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Events Betting

Welcome to our Events Betting section where bring you the best Free Bets on the net for major cultural and media events. We have partnered with some of the top names in Internet events betting to bring you current online promotions for entertainment betting and more.

"The end is nigh!" we hear them cry. Doom-mongerers and God-botherers often unite in their frenzied declaration that the earth is going to come to a grinding halt a week on Tuesday at precisely 13.03pm. Which is fair enough, but what are the odds on this rather gloomy event actually happening? Don't tell us you've never thought of it? And what about the likelihood of little green men turning up at the deli counter down at the local supermarket any time soon? Have you never honestly thought to yourself 'What are the chances of that?'. OK. On an altogether cheerier note, how about the odds on it being a white Christmas this year? Now we're talking.

In a market rammed chocker with sports and reality TV/celebrity betting which might not be everyone's cup of char, then it's pleasing to know that there's an alternative to get the creative juices flowing and liven up the conversation down at the Screeching Squirrel on a weekend night.

Events Betting

Predict More Than Award, Reality TV, Financial And Political Outcomes With Events Betting

Major, none-sporting topics that tickle the general betting public's fancy once in a while is the name of the events betting game. Like when a crumbly piece of Mars detaches itself and appears to be heading on collision course for our nice home planet, or the dramatic revealing of the latest actor/actress to play the part of the new Dr Who, and which celebrity will drop a sprog next. These are the hot online betting tickets in town. Otherwise referred to as 'novelty bets', you can also wager when and where will be the hottest place in the Nigeria during the summer, so as to perpetuate the Brit-obsessed meteorological theme after predicting whether the snow will fall on our capital city or not at crimbo.

Away from the more light-hearted aspect of our virtual betting lives, the bread and butter of events betting essentially amalgamate and envelop a multitude of gambling sins. Namely politics, award ceremonies, reality and celebrity TV programmes, specials and Financials Betting; what we call the core elements of our events betting information-gathering service. By browsing the parent Entertainment Betting section you will be directed to the online bookmaker's sites that tell it how it is, and support their views, opinions, statistics and hard facts and figures by offering all manner of rigorously researched and compiled online betting odds gauging the outcome on just about every events betting eventuality.

Predict More Than Award, Reality TV, Financial And Political Outcomes With Events Betting

Events Betting Focuses On Determining High Profile Media And Cultural Eventualities

Events themselves, candidates, contestants, scheduling, rounds, auditions, tasks, nominees, evictees, routines and performances. The works. In this day and age there's a time, place and eager audience positively salivating at the prospect of the latest installment of this, that and the other, which is exactly why your online bookmaker of choice offer the widest selection of punts imaginable.

You name it, and our online bookmaking partners offer enticing odds on it. Be it the awards betting ways of the Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTA's, National TV, Nobel, Turner or Booker, or perhaps the music betting appeal of the Brits, Mercury Music, NME or the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe you're politically astute and engaged enough to be drawn to hotbed of political betting, surmising who the next Labour, Conservative or Liberal leader might be or when the next general election will take place, or possibly you're one of the millions who's guilty pleasure extends to reality and celebrity-encrusted TV series'; and you throw your support behind your favourite hero or pantomine-esque villain in the latest run of Big Brother, Nigeria's Got Talent, The X-Factor or I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Our events betting section deals with the non-sports related markets which online bookmakers often call "specials". These markets are an increasingly popular area of online betting and cover everything from General Election Betting through to awards ceremonies and television programs like Big Brother betting , The X-Factor betting and The Eurovision Song Contest As well as giving you an idea of the kind of cultural events you can spend your Free Money on, these pages provide other essential betting information such as:

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